Who We Are

Powells Grove Church is a group of born-again believers united together by a commitment to the apostles’ doctrine and by a deep faith in the love of Jesus Christ and the life changing power of the Holy Ghost. Powells Grove is a church with a rich heritage and a bright future.

The church had its beginnings in a series of meetings preached by Sister Roxie Sartin in homes throughout the Jayess community; the meetings finally came to be held regularly in the home of Earl Carney. It was here that the need for a larger meeting place was realized, and in August of 1940 a “brush arbor” was built nearby. Brother Johnny Magee preached the revival services under the brush arbor, revival fire began to burn, and many were filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus’ Name.

First Church

First Church Building (1941)

Soon, with winter approaching the congregation recognized its need for a more permanent home, and construction was began on wood frame building. This first sanctuary was completed and dedicated to the Lord in January of 1941. The building was erected on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Powell; the congregation chose the name “Powells Grove” in honor of this family’s generous gift. Brother Johnny Magee became the church’s first pastor.

Like so many other things in God’s Kingdom, this church had humble beginnings. One account records that the pastor was often supported with “syrup, eggs, and now and then a little gas money. The offerings usually ran about forty cents.” However, from these humble beginnings, God built a mighty church for Himself.

The church continued to grow and experience revival under the direction of the men who followed Brother Magee as pastors. During the pastorate of Brother Billy King land was purchased on the corner opposite the church and parsonage. In 1974, a new sanctuary was built on this piece of land under the leadership of Pastor John Harris. The church experienced great revival during Brother Harris’ tenure; the tent revival held during this time produced many great saints who are still a part of the church today.


View of Powells Grove (1980s)

Brother and Sister D.L. Spears were elected to the pastorate of Powells Grove in 1977; the church continued to experience unprecedented growth and revival during the Spears’ time as pastor. During his pastorate the church built a new parsonage and the present sanctuary. Brother Spears also led the church to expand her vision from a local to a global scope; in 1977 the church supported one foreign missionary, but by 1980 the congregation was supporting 75 missionaries around the world.

Brother Tommy Galloway followed the Spears family as pastor, and under his leadership the present Family Life Center was constructed. In 1996, Brother Terry Ballard – a native son of Powells Grove – was elected to the pastorate; during his tenure the sanctuary was renovated and remodeled and many improvements to the buildings and grounds were undertaken.

Brother Ronnie Turner became our pastor in 2007. The church has experienced dynamic spiritual revival and renewal under his leadership. Brother Turner has relentlessly preached the importance of prayer and the power of God to transform the lives of men and women.

We hope that you will come worship with us and experience what so many others have enjoyed here over the last 75 years – the love of God and the life changing power of the Holy Ghost!

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